Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My sister Katy is pregnant! I have been wanting to be an Auntie and The Robersons (pictured right) have made that dream come true!

What makes it even more exciting is that her due date is November 18th, which is the day before my 27th birthday! So pretty much this baby is the best birthday present ever. It's gonna be hard for my husband to find anything at Target to top that.

So all of this baby talk has gotten me thinking about a variety of topics. This of course is dangerous, because I get all worked up over nothing. My main focus has been natural childbirth.

As I have thought about my future child birthing options I have come to one important conclusion: Drugs are necessary!

The idea of natural childbirth is appealing to my inner hippie. I can imagine the dramatic scene of a laboring woman drawing nigh unto death to bring a baby into this world. I see her husband watching in awe and praising her strength.

However, I just don't do pain well. It's not a good look for me. So I decided that hey no one has to know I got an epidural. I can keep that a secret, right?!

I can't have Matt thinking I'm a wimp. So for my plan to work I will have to scream and carry on like I'm in pain.

That's right people, I am going to fake childbirth pain. Just don't tell my husband.

(Just kidding, he already knows, cause I have a big mouth. I'm just counting on his forgetfulness).

P.S. I was curious about what our future baby could possibly look like. Thanks to the Internet we have the following picture to share:

Not cute.

Bless our future baby's heart. Bless him with better looks.

So now you know.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Lady Doctor

Today I went to my OB/GYN for my annual check up. If you remember, last year my doctor informed me that I had a longgggggggggggg vagina.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to hear her commentary on my lady bits.

I'm happy to report that while she was doing my pap smear she joyfully exclaimed " You have a very cooperative cervix!"

Go me.

So now you know.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Disclaimer

I am and and have always been a little irreverent. I like to share the ridiculousness of my life so you can feel better about yours. Please know that I love Jesus, my family, and have been blessed with an amazing (and relatively trauma free) life. I just can't help but see the hilarity in so many things and I am a sucker for a good story telling. So if you are a reader, please don't judge my faith to harshly based on my shabby example. I am a fan of keeping it as real as possible, but I am acutely aware that this "nothing off limits" attitude is sometimes considered taboo. Even if you don't approve of what I say, I hope it will at least make you laugh. So now you know.